Optical fibre-bundle probes, operating mode proximity, end piece theaded  M6 over 30mm x 15mm, 90° orientation


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Fiber bundles probes, reflective mode, sampling head alignment: two half moons, rigid and resistant. Probe has a hub with M6 threads 30 mm alignment, in the factory advance bent on a portion of the probe by 2.1 mm length and a probe length on 15mm, with a 90 °. The adjustment is made at our factory.

If the contrast marks to be detected are wider than 2 mm and you want to insert the probe in a complex mechanical, beforehand known environment. Recommendation: When building, that introduced the fiber ends well and possible vibration damped. Over 1m in length is required an extra rim, REF: SURG. The option SPIRAL makes a direction without restriction.

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